Fab & 40-ish

About Fab & 40-ish

The idea behind the Fab & 40-ish line began with the owner, Loren Grace, who, as a survivor of ongoing childhood abuse, found herself in her mid-thirties (ish), feeling and looking older than her actual age. Looking around for products to help her look better and feel better about herself, she found that the prices for such products were too high for her to afford, and many came with ingredients lists that were full of chemicals she didn’t feeling comfortable putting on her body. So, she began researching different ingredients that were known to help curb or even reverse the aging process, but in a more natural way, and within her budget. A few years later and with the encouragement of her family, the Fab & 40-ish line was born. Our line of Fab & 40-ish products is small right now (just three products so far!), but we have big plans for the future!

Beauty Begins Within

While there are specific ingredients used in the Fab & 40-ish products that have been proven to slow down and even reverse some of the aging effects (such as hyaluronic acid and copper peptide), they are not meant to be used as a “miracle cure” for aging or for wrinkles. After all, aging is a normal and natural process, and eventually, lines and wrinkles become a normal part of that process. But these products can help bring back some of the youthful appearance that is lost with age and stress, and this can be especially important for those who feel as if their youth has been prematurely taken from them through stressful and abusive life situations.

True beauty, however, comes from within. So, in addition to daily tending to one’s personal hygiene with products such as the Fab & 40-ish line, Loren Grace encourages everyone to have a well-balanced diet, take vitamins, get at least moderate amounts of daily exercise, get plenty of rest, refrain from or severely limit smoking, limit or cease alcohol intake, and tend to one’s own spiritual well-being.

The Fab & 40-ish products do not make you beautiful. They do not make you young again. They can only help enhance and bring out the youthful beauty that shines from within you. ♥

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