December 2018

Thank you!

It’s been a great opening month! To everyone who has been supportive, thank you very much. We appreciate you! 🙂


We’re working at expanding our product line for the upcoming year (see the picture below for a sneak peek!) and we hope you love the new products as much as we do!



We have special pricing available if you live in southeast Texas and would like to arrange for a pick-up. Contact us for details.

Personal Thoughts

As a new business owner, it’s hard for me to know where to draw the line between business and personal. Maybe it’s not so hard for other people, but it is for me, especially since my business intersects with my personal blogs. But for those who don’t know, I have a dissociative disorder.

(You can read a little about what this is on my personal blog:

So, I was thinking the other day of the name I chose for my collection of products: Loren Grace Collection. And the thought struck me that, as someone who deals with a dissociative disorder on a daily basis, I am a “collection” of different parts of me who work together on making a “collection” of products. That strikes me as funny! lol 😀

Truly, though, this past month I have found that this business really is a joint effort: all the different “craftsy” parts of me working together to create different things, and even the different parts of me who aren’t so craftsy, working together to take care of the book-keeping, the blogging, the website, etc. And when a problem comes up, without fail, a different part of me comes to the surface to share the solution. As those of you who may be dissociation know, internal cooperation is a huge step in the healing journey; and so this business has been an unexpected part of my healing journey as all the different parts of me all learn to work together.

Thanks for taking the journey with me. We hope your new year is filled with love, peace, and much healing! ♥

The Loren Grace Collection


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